Getting personalized help for your job search and career questions has never been easier.  Book an appointment  with an advisor to gain assistance with any of the following areas:

Note: You can meet with an advisor in person, online via Skype of E-mail or over the phone.

Career Counselling - Meet with a career counsellor to discuss your career-related questions or concerns. Whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student or a recent graduate of UOIT, a career counsellor can help you with your career development process.

Cover Letter - An attention-grabbing cover letter will ensure that your resumé gets read by employers. Meet with an advisor to learn how to write a professional, impressive cover letter.

Internship and Co-op - Book an appointment to learn more about UOIT internship and co-op options as they relate to your program of study. Find out how to increase your chances of success by presenting yourself well from the application stage through to the interview. You can also seek advice about how to go about sourcing your own opportunity for internship or co-op.

Interview Techniques - Meet with an advisor to discuss the latest interviewing techniques. Find out how to handle tough questions with confidence.

Job Search - Get valuable tips on how to start your summer, part time or full-time job search. An advisor will teach you effective methods of generating job leads and contacting prospective employers. Guidance on networking techniques and informational interviewing is also available.

Mock Interview - Prepare for your next interview by scheduling a mock interview appointment with an advisor. You will get hands-on practice and feedback in answering tough questions. In addition, you will learn how to make a lasting, favourable impression and conduct an appropriate follow-up. Please submit your resume to your advisor prior to your appointment so the mock interview can be customized to your needs. Note: This appointment is 60 minutes in length.

Portfolio - Portfolios are one of the best ways to show practical experience to potential employers. Individual appointments are available with an advisor to introduce you to common elements of this job search tool, or to help you refine and revise your existing portfolio.

Resumé - Make a positive first impression with a job-winning resumé. Bring your resumé to an advisor for suggestions on how to best market yourself and your skills. Please bring a paper copy of your resumé to your appointment.

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