Student Profiles 2016


Amber is a 3rd year Human Health Science student at UOIT who has a strong interest in cancer research and is on a quest to help improve the quality of life. Outside of school, she  has experience as a clerk and a softball coach which  has helped her develop strong leadership skills. She is a quirky and down to earth  person and in her spare time, she enjoys playing Magic: The Gathering, watching  Netflix, loves cats and Harry Potter. Amber is  hoping this all adds up   to a career  that she loves!  


Gracia is a 3rd year international student from the Democratic Republic of the Congo studying Electrical Engineering at UOIT. An introverted, confident and intelligent woman, she works on campus as a Co-op & Internship Student Assistant and has also worked as a tutor. These experiences have helped her in developing skills in administration as well as working with others. She enjoys travelling and movies in her spare time and is hoping it all adds up to her enjoying life! 


Hasan is a charismatic 4th year Life Science student at UOIT. His long term goal is to become a family physician because he has a great desire to help others; “you’re there when they need you the most”. He greatly enjoys his program especially because of the many opportunities that it can lead towards. He also has experience as a cadet which he found beneficial as he learned more about himself, it enhanced his confidence, communication, and leadership skills. All of these skills have attributed to his ability to become involved with the campus community.  He is a work study student with Student Accessibility Services, is part of the Campus Emergency Response Team and has become president of the UOIT branch of the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario, a position that he is looking forward to enhancing his skills of working with others. Outside of campus, he enjoys going to the gym and watching Netflix. Hasan hopes all of his skills will contribute to a better world. 

Ruth is in her final year of studies at UOIT. As a student in the Faculty of Social Science, she is a Criminology major who enjoys the data analysis components of her studies. Her goal is to transfer these skills into a career as a policy and research analyst.  As an international student from Nigeria, she participates in the African Students Association club on campus and has also volunteered on campus with the Special Olympics. She describes herself as very quiet and shy but getting involved has helped her achieve new skills both personally and professionally. In her spare time, she enjoys soccer and watching tv shows and movies. 

Michael is a 3rd year Commerce student in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology. He says the best part of his program is the people (peers, professors, and staff) and this is certainly true for him as Michael is always full of energy and loves to talk with people. He has honed his customer service and sales skills from his previous position as a Sales Associate and Stock Clerk. Currently, he enjoys his role as a Peer Employment Advisor with the UOIT Career Centre where he gets to interact with and assist students on a day to day basis. In addition to working with UOIT, Michael is proudly involved with voluntary positions within organizations and clubs on campus such the Campus Ambassador Program, Mental Health Blog, UOIT Human Resources Association, and the Political Science Club. In his spare time, he enjoys playing hockey and golf. Michael is adding it all up to happiness! 

Shannon is a 4th year Kinesiology student in the Faculty of Health Science at UOIT. She is looking forward to achieving her goal of becoming a physiotherapist in the future. She greatly enjoys learning from her professors and how knowledge of anatomy and physiology are incorporated into practical components of labs, i.e. creating fitness exams and how to assist children with disabilities. Shannon has a strong love of soccer as she has experience coaching kids between the ages of 3 – 15 and was a member of the UOIT Ridgebacks women’s soccer team for 3 years. Participating in sports has given her strong leadership, team skills, and commitment to success. These skills have effectively translated into participating with the Health and Wellness Club as well as an Assistant with Student Accessibility Services. She is passionate about gender equality and disability rights. In her spare time, she enjoys sports, ice cream, home décor, and watching comedic tv shows. 

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