Peer Tutor Services: Student Policies

General Policies:

1. Appointments will be 45 minutes in length and should be made at least 24 hours in advance, especially during peak times (i.e. a few weeks prior to midterms and final exams).

2. Students may have two sessions per day, as long as each session is with a different Peer Tutor/Academic Subject Specialist and the subject areas are different.  Students are allowed two sessions per week and a maximum of 15 sessions per semester in the Student Learning Centre (SLC), with either an Academic Subject Specialist or Peer Tutor.  If more appointments are required, students should consult the SLC.

3. Most Peer Tutors have drop-in hours: designated times when the Peer Tutors briefly meets with students on a first come first, served basis.  Drop-in appointments are usually fifteen minutes in length.  If students require more time with a Peer Tutor, they are encouraged to book an appointment.

4. The SLC requires 24 hours' notice to cancel an appointment. If a student cancels 3 appointments in one semester, that student may not be allowed to use the centre for the remainder of the term.

5. A student’s failure to attend an appointment without providing notice will result in one session taken off the semester total. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, the appointment may be given to another student. If a student fails to show up a second time, that student may not be allowed to use the centre for the remainder of the term.

6. Peer Tutors will provide explanation and demonstration where appropriate, but will NOT act as an “Editor” or “Corrector”. The role of the Peer Tutor is to facilitate the student’s learning; therefore the tutor will not provide answers for assignments, proofread papers or write papers for students. 

7. Peer Tutors will not assist students with assignments that are due the same day.

8. All appointments will be conducted in the Student Learning Centre or in a pre-assigned meeting room.

9. Upon consultation with the SLC, a maximum of two students may attend the same appointment provided the session content is the same.  Evening appointments will only be offered to individual students.

10. The Peer Tutor and tutee must sign the Peer Tutoring Agreement at the first appointment.

11. Students are responsible for their learning and are encouraged to bring textbooks and relevant course materials.  Tutees should come prepared with printed papers/assignments/worksheets and questions or concepts for discussion.

12. The role of the Peer Tutor is distinct from that of the T.A. Students may be referred back to their course instructor or T.A. for more specific course-related support.

13. Peer tutors may not be experienced in all of the areas where a student may have concerns. Therefore, students may be referred to their professors or to the SLC academic subject specialists when appropriate.

Peer Tutor Writing Appointments:

1. Students must draft their own work and prepare printed copies. Writing is a process and in order to understand the fundamentals of writing, students must have drafts and be able to see the changes that they have made.

2. Peer Tutors will not proofread papers. The Peer Tutors do not edit or write papers for students: they encourage students to become proactive learners. Therefore, the Peer Tutors give feedback on areas where students can improve their writing.

3. The Peer Tutors will only review a student’s written draft once. If a student wants to work on the same assignment in a follow-up appointment, they must implement the necessary revisions discussed in the previous appointment.

4. Take-home exams, papers from other institutions, papers for publication, documentation assignments (APA, MLA, etc.), suspension and appeal/readmission letters, resumes and cover letters and any other non-academic material will not be reviewed by Peer Tutors. Alternatively, resumes and cover letters can be taken to Career Services.

5. Peer writing tutors may not be experienced in all areas where a student may have concerns. Therefore, students may be referred to a SLC Writing Specialist when appropriate.

Laptop Use:

1. Students can work on referencing and brainstorming on the laptop during writing appointments.

2. Peer Tutors may view assignments and lecture notes online.

3. During writing appointments, the Peer Tutor may review a few pages of an assignment on a student’s laptop.

4. Laptops are to be used solely for academic purposes.  Students are encouraged not to use social media, email and cellphones during the session in order to minimize distractions.


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