PASS Student Policies

1. PASS is an interactive group study program. Students are expected to be proactive and take responsibility for their learning. Therefore, they should come prepared with their lecture slides, notes, and textbook as well as questions or concepts for discussion.

2. PASS Leaders are not tutors, TAs or lecturers. Their role is to guide students to information and understanding.

3. PASS does not impact student grades directly, i.e. participation in PASS is not rewarded with marks or extra credit so as not to privilege students who are able to attend over those who legitimately cannot attend as a result of conflict.

4. PASS Leaders do not provide answers or solutions to problems and do not assist students with assignments. Instead, students are encouraged to work together, using each other as a resource.

5. Attendees are expected to participate in collaborative learning activities to develop effective study strategies and enhanced understanding of course content.

6. PASS is offered on a drop-in basis such that students do not have to sign up to attend.  Attendance is anonymous and recorded for program assessment and evaluation purposes only. 

7. Students may be referred to another Student Learning Centre resource (e.g. Peer Tutor or Subject Specialist) if there is need for personalized support. Students may also be referred to their course instructor or TA for more specific course-related support.

8. PASS Leaders facilitate the sessions but do not provide additional support outside the program.

9. PASS is open to all students in the course and sessions are attended on a voluntary basis at no additional charge.

10. Laptops are to be used solely for academic purposes. Students are encouraged not to use social media, email and cellphones during the session in order to minimize distractions.

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